Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of certification is provided?
    We are among the few in Singapore to offer 3 recognised certifications for our students. Either certification by Singapore Sports Council or Singapore Lifesaving Society or Singapore Swimming Association
  • What is the maximum size of your group lesson?
    Normal group class ratio 1 instructor to 10 students (Governed by Singapore Sports Council).However, if there is a need, we can specially arrange a smaller private class based on your request. Please see pricing under Fees.
  • Would a private class or group class be better for my child?
    Depends on the characteristic of your child. If your child has water phobia, needs more attention or is very young, we would suggest a private class. Otherwise group lesson would great for cultivating peer learning and positive competition which would create a better learning environment.
  • Are your coaches certified?
    Yes. Our coaches are certified either by Singapore Sports Council or Singapore Lifesaving Society. They are also certified lifeguard too!!! We take every swimming lesson seriously and students' safety is always our top priority.
  • Is there replacement classes?
    As it is a group class, there is no replacement lesson. However, we will excise flexibility if it is based on compassionate reason.
  • Do you have trial lessons
    We have paid trial lessons, for more information please contact us.
  • What if my swimming lessons fall on a poor weather condition?
    Pool closure is determined by Singapore Sports Council. In the event of a pool closure, we will conduct dryland exercises or theory lessons that are required by SwimSafer & Lifesaving. Video learning lesson will also be conducted if needed.
  • What do I need to bring for my swimming lesson?
    You need to have your own swim wear and goggles and sometime extra clothing if inform by the instructor. All other training equipment will be provided during class time.
    Student should not swim on a full stomach. We advise No food at least one hour before the session.
    Students are advice to seek medical help if they are not feeling well.
  • How long will it take for my child or me to learn how to swim?
    Everyone is an individual with different ability. For individual with water phobia, the process may be longer.
  • Can I swim if I am under medical treatment or if I am unwell?
    If you are suffering from any medical condition, always seek advice from your doctor first before attending any swimming lessons. Pacific Swim School does not take responsibility for any accidents arising from undeclared pre-existing medical conditions.
  • What strokes can I learn?
    You will learn all the four competitive strokes, namely breaststroke, frontcrawl, backstroke and butterfly. For children who are taking the survival swimming awards, they will learn the sidestroke and survival-back as well.
  • Can I join lessons halfway through the month?
    Yes, you can and you will pay a pro-rated fee for that month.
  • How is student progress monitored?
    All children are assessed on our half yearly tests that are scheduled in February & August.
  • What if my child is too advanced for their class?
    Instructors will monitor your child and decide whether they need to move classes. If you feel like your child is progressing at a faster rate than some children, please chat to us about this.
    Changing of class can be suggested at any point during the course and it is our priority to ensure that all children are working to their full potential and capability.
  • How do I go about speaking to my child's swim instructor?
    We request the parents not to disturb the instructors unless it is essential. We prefer our time to focus solely on teaching the student.
    You may want to call Or sms Or talk to the instructor after class time if possible. Usually weekdays late morning or early afternoon would be a better timing as we have long break time as compared to weekends where we have very short free time.
    Rest assure we will make every effort to answer your questions.
  • My child has a disability, can they still join?
    We aim to be an all-inclusive programme and do what we can to cater to everybody. Thus, it is important that we know about ALL medical conditions.