Learn Adult Swimming

It's never be too late to start

By emphasizing on 3 key factors : Technique, Training and Instructor as the foundation for Adult Swimming Lessons. It is never too late to start learning proper swimming techniques and begin training for health reasons

Swimming Technique

It is easy to spot swimmer that is not executing the right swimming technique. Many can barely finish a complete lap without gasping for air. The right swimming technique allows for efficient and relaxed swimming. The technique being taught during adult swimming lessons are the same sets of principles being taught in other swimming classes. Our teaching approach is very different for adult class, certain theories are explained because adult are more able to learning the “why”s along with the “how”s. Swimming is fundamentally a synchronized series of movements that allow the whole body to stay afloat while it propels itself in a forward action.

The Kick
Flutter kick for freestyle and backstroke, whip kick for breast stroke and the dolphin kick for butterfly. Each kick requires a different technique to propel the body forward.
Arm Cycle
Basically swimming stroke has five phases for each arm cycle – entry, catch, pull, release and recovery.
The ability to take air without gasping, especially in a prolong laps swimming.

Training and The Instructor

Whether you are training for Health, Competition or Leisure, our adult swimming lessons are design for adults who wish to improve their swimming technique or style. Because swimming is a great cardiovascular work-out, it’s the ideal exercise to keep people healthy. And there are still others who wish to compete not only in adult swim meets but also in triathlons. For whatever the reason, the swimmer should be guided by expert instructors who truly understand your need. Adult swimming lessons are also designed to bring together students with the same goals and the same level of learning phase.

Our Instructors are just one the reasons why we have a successful adult program. Our coaches are certified either by Singapore Sports Council or Singapore Lifesaving Society. They are also certified lifeguard too. We take every swimming lesson seriously and students’ safety is always our top priority.